SISU GTP covers a wide spectrum of operational roles. The versatility of the vehicle is based on a highly modular structure, which enables numerous variants for different operational uses, all using the same backbone structure. For example, the General Purpose body for 2+2 or 2+3 crew, and the APC body for 2+8 crew are interchangeable quickly even in field conditions. The feature applies naturally to all other body configurations, too. Interchangeable components and vehicles easy maintainability are important factors also for the Life Cycle Support economy.


Configuration: Powertrain:
Height* 2550 mm Engine 6-cylinder, 4 stroke diesel
Width* 2500 mm Transmission 6-speed automatic
Length* 6000 mm Power to weight 22 hp/metric ton
Gross weight* 14000 kg Axles Independent suspension
lockable differentials
Payload (up to)* 5000 kg Wheels 365/85 R20 or 395/85 R20
Max axle load 7 tn Brakes Pneumatic disc-brakes equipped with ABS
Wheelbase 3800 mm Performance:
Ground clearance* 400 mm Max speed over 100 km/h
Seating 2+8 (squad)
2+2 / 2+3 (recon)
2 (utility, single cab)
Range over 700 km
CTIS Optional Approach angle* 45°
Climate control Compressor driven
Departure angle* 45°
Electrical 24 V system Stability tilt* 37°
Survivability: Fording depth 850 mm
Mine blast Stanag 4569 Climbing 60%
Ballistic protection* Stanag 4569 upgradeable
with respective add-on protection kit
EFG / RPG Add-on kit
CBRN protection Add-on options

Specifications marked with an asterisk(*) are dependable on the selected options such as wheels and vehicle body.