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KOLLER hands over the first mobile workover rig to OMV Petrom

KOLLER hands over the first mobile workover rig to OMV Petrom

This workover unit is the result of many months of work. All departments from engineering over planning to manufacturing have given their best to meet the requirements of OMV Petrom S.A. located in Romania for this project. After extensive tests, including tests performed by independent 3rd parties the goal was achieved. We can proudly announce that RIG90 with serial number 1001 has left Celle and was handed over to the customer on 27 April in Ploiesti, Romania. Further tests will be carried out under field conditions before final commissioning beginning of June 2015.


SISU Workower RIG

Even at first glance, it is clear to see that something completely new has been developed . The workover rig was built on a heavy duty off-road chassis (SISU) with 10×10 drive formula and can therefore be used in rough terrain and under difficult environmental conditions. Nevertheless, the system is approved for normal road traffic. The self-propelled back-in rig is powered by one  540 HP Caterpillar power train, running all auxiliary installations such as double drum drawworks, auxiliary winch, make-up and break-out system, etc.  The rig has a maximum rated hook load of 90 tonnes (on 6 lines/ 65t on 4 lines). The mast comes with two monkey board positions on 16 and 21 meters (140 doubles in stands) whereby the free height is designed to work instead of the foldable working platform with a substructure and catwalk system (optional, floor height 5m).

Beside high performance, safety aspects play a particularly important role within OMV Petrom S.A.. The PLC-controlled system incorporates a high number of security features. In addition to the necessary explosion protection (ATEX with extended zone of 6m/7.5m), various mechanical and electrical monitoring systems were used. The Koller rig fully meets the regulations of the European machinery directive 2006/42/EC as well as API requirements.

The companies involved in this project, SISU in Finland, Upetrom 1. Mai from Romania and Koller Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH from Germany wish OMV Petrom every success operating their first of ten brand new “Rig 90”.

Photographs of the mobile workover rig are available HERE

Sisu Polar range expanding, can now be acquired with nearby all drive solutions


Sisu SM 4x4+4_1 (Medium)DSC_8026 (Medium)IMG_0390 (Medium)

Sisu Defence:es heavily armoured military All Wheel Drive product familys recent development of front axles has lead to extremely good results both in off road- as in road driving quality.

Therefore the same kind of axles are used also in the Sisu polar civil trucks model series equipped front wheel drive. The Sisu front axles and their capabilities has given these vehicles performance that no competitor has been able to challenge.


NOW these Sisu traditional Multi Wheel Drive models are available also in our civil truck model series. The Sisu Polar series is fullfilled with nearby all the possible wheel drive solutions: for example: 4×4, 4×4+2, 4×4+4, 4×4+6, 6×6, 6×6+2, 6×6+4, 8×8, 8×8+2.

Front wheel drive gives the Sisu Polar series excellent off-road capabilites and high ground clearance. The front wheel drive models are built on Sisu 460 mm high c-profile frame,  therefore the frame height stays same in models equipped with front wheel drive as in those without front wheel drive.

The first front wheel drive equipped Sisu polar models ( 6×6 ja 8×8) are now in production and can soon be seen on the road and in terrain.





The most robust vehicle in the series is the SISU 10×10 off-road truck, designed o carry a 26m long pioneer bridge with a related launch mechanism. The vehicle cab is mine protected, and is designed to be up-armoured against ballistic and NBC threats.


The vehicle carries extremely large and heavy loads

GVW:                 44 tons

Payload:            25 tons

weights above are subject to e.g. chosen protection level, and selection of optional equipment




The SISU 8×8 model features an integrated load handling mechanism, which gives the vehicle a low centre of gravity and a low overall height. As a result, the SISU 8×8 can be transported in an aircraft (e.g.  Hercules C-130). When loaded with a 1CC container, the total height of the truck using the standard 14.00R20 off road tires does not exceed 4 meters. Beneath the cabin a mine shield integrated to chassis frame protects from the land mines. Inside the cabin there is ready mounting studs for optional modular ballistic protection kit. Assembly, and disassembly, of the ballistic protection kit can be done in few hours, even in field. In addition, the cabin is airtight, which enables NBC protection.

Equipped with an integrated load handling system to ensure efficient operation even in extreme conditions.

GVW:                 36 tons

Payload:            20 tons

weights above are subject to e.g. chosen protection level, and selection of optional equipment



Sisu 6×6 is a High Mobility Terrain Vehicle (HMTV) for military use. The vehicle runs well on a number of surfaces from black-top to gravel roads and hardened to pathless fields. The personnel inside the cabin can be protected against land mines, fragments and NBC threat.


Equipped with an integrated load handling system to ensure efficient operation even in extreme conditions.

GVW:                 26 tons

Payload:            15 tons

weights above are subject to e.g. chosen protection level, and selection of optional equipment

Sisu Auto 85 years!

The Finnish Truck Manufacturer Sisu Auto Celebrates 85 years of SISU

Serving customers with innovative transport and technology solutions since 1931

The Finnish Trade- and Industrial ministry approved the foundation of Oy Suomen Autoteollisuus in Helsinki 1.4.1931. This event was the start of Finnish truck industry which has now reached the significant age of 85 years.


The entire news article can be read in finnish on the finnish website:

Link to finnish article:

Sisu Auto nyt 85 vuotta!


Demo Trucks to Kaveh Diesel Corp.

The Finnish truck manufacturer Sisu Auto has delivered two demo trucks ordered by its’ Iranian representative, Kaveh Diesel Corp. This initial truck delivery is a remarkable milestone in the building up of co-operation, and entering in to Iranian market.

The trucks in question will be taken into use by Kaveh Diesel Corp. in order to demonstrate the quality of SISU truck products, and the suitability of the trucks for the harshest conditions and heaviest duties of the Iranian customers.

Kaveh Diesel has been planning and preparing the SISU representation in Iranian market since 2013, and has invested in fulfilling the strict authority requirements, as well as in building up of the necessary sales and service arrangements. Now, as a result of hard work of the whole Kaveh Team, the time has come for the first SISU Polar trucks to be taken into the new territory, Iran, and to continue the mission in line with renovation of the state transport fleet.