Check out the renewed SISU Polar Carrier



Renewed SISU Polar Carrier moves machines like no other truck does.

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New features and functions result in a more agile, versatile and efficient Carrier than the market has ever seen before.

Weight distribution

No weight distribution problems will occur at rear-end of the truck, because the maximum technically permissible bogie weight is 33,5 tonnes. The distance between the front axles has been reduced by 50 mm shifting the center of gravity more forward than before  and at the same time keeping the axle loads within permittable limits.

Frame and Grid

The full-lenght double frame enables a support frameless structure between the 2nd and 3rd axle. Making it possible to mount the grid as low as possible and at the same time achieving a lower point of gravity. Also the distance between the 4th and 5th axle is reduced by 90 mm to achieve a lowered loading angle. A hole blade with float feature is attached to the ramp.

Axle features

Inplemented from the 5-axle SISU Polar Rock is in cabin pressure halving of the 5th steering axle with lift and pressure increase feature to 2nd axle.

Remote control

Work lights and the hydraulic stern ramp can now be remotely controlled.

Fuel and Adblue

The Carrier is equipped with a E type-approved aluminium combined fuel and AdBlue tank.

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