The first Customer order, including also an option for further deliveries, for SISU GTP has been received. The order, made by an European private company operating in Security and Defence business, calls for a station wagon type configuration in which the spacious 5-door cab shall be adapted for providing the transported personnel a silent and convenient environment not commonly available in armoured off-road vehicles.


The key feature of SISU GTP is modularity. The design of the crew body can be adapted to match with the task specific requirements. In addition, the crew bodies are interchangeable, thus the operational role of the vehicle can be altered quickly by simply changing the crew body. The solution gives unlimited possibilities for configuration changes, and updates. Armouring level, equipment and accessories can vary, and be altered, practically with no limits. The solution of separate Backbone and Crew Body structures creates also exceptionally comfortable and noiseless environment for the crew


The recent order demonstrates that the SISU GTP suits perfectly for various roles, and the areas of application are not only in field of law enforcement and defence. The sturdy structure, protection and off-road capabilities are necessary whenever and wherever compromised performance is not an option.


The main vehicle technology of SISU GTP series (engine, transmission, electrical system, driver interface) is similar as in various Mercedes-Benz vehicles, thus the life cycle costs are economical, and the services can be taken care of by the same method as Mercedes-Benz trucks. The service network for Mercedes-Benz vehicles is widely available in both global and local scale, securing the availability of spares and services in due time.

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