Oy Sisu Auto and Vantage Commerce Pte. Ltd. have entered into a contract for delivery of heavy-duty vehicles to Russia. Value of the contract is approx 1,5 M€.

Earlier, late in previous decade, Sisu Auto supplied gravel trucks and timber trucks to Ust-Ilimsk in Russia, for rough conditions. Majority of those trucks are still today in daily use, in spite of the 24/7 operation with heavy loads in the most demanding arctic conditions for almost ten years already. Now the deliveries of trucks meant for the challenging end use and rough conditions continue: We have signed a contract for supply of Sisu Polar 8×8 and Sisu Polar 8×4 vehicles to arctic Yakutsk region, for operating in varying end uses in ore transport and heavy trailer haulage, Says Managing Director Mr. Timo Korhonen of Sisu Auto.

Further information:

Sisu Auto: Chairman, Mr. Timo Korhonen ([email protected]) +358 (0) 10 2751

Vantage Commerce: CEO / Director, Mr. Witold Novak ([email protected]) +65 6909 3200