Demo Trucks to Kaveh Diesel Corp.

The Finnish truck manufacturer Sisu Auto has delivered two demo trucks ordered by its’ Iranian representative, Kaveh Diesel Corp. This initial truck delivery is a remarkable milestone in the building up of co-operation, and entering in to Iranian market.

The trucks in question will be taken into use by Kaveh Diesel Corp. in order to demonstrate the quality of SISU truck products, and the suitability of the trucks for the harshest conditions and heaviest duties of the Iranian customers.

Kaveh Diesel has been planning and preparing the SISU representation in Iranian market since 2013, and has invested in fulfilling the strict authority requirements, as well as in building up of the necessary sales and service arrangements. Now, as a result of hard work of the whole Kaveh Team, the time has come for the first SISU Polar trucks to be taken into the new territory, Iran, and to continue the mission in line with renovation of the state transport fleet.