Factory ready SISU Hauler is the new king of the heavy haulage trucks!

SISU Hauler is designed for the needs of heavy transportation in Finland. Uncompromising finish, extreme towing capacity, great payload and the best ever maneuvering ability are the words to describe SISU Hauler.

Just like all the trucks of the Sisu Polar line, the factory ready heavy hauler truck can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. A unique tool cabinet made of anodized aluminum is fitted behind the SISU Hauler’s cabin. Compressed air tanks, hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic blocks and big fuel tank are hidden inside the tool cabinet which offers them extra protection from the elements and holds them in a compact and stylish package.

The backbone of the Sisu Polar Hauler is formed by a special ladder frame of 300 mm high U-profile frame reinforced with 100 mm high subframe. Sisu Hauler is also available with SISU heavy duty C-profile frame (height 460 mm). When using this high profile frame the truck can be equipped with road maintenance equipment and a fifth wheel coupling with hydraulic lift.

SISU Polar Hauler’s with 4 axles gets almost 70 tons maximum authorized technical mass for the vehicle. This is by far the biggest permitted load on the markets of 4-axle heavy haulage trucks.

SISU’s powertrain solutions come into their own on the heavy transportation duties when the maximum tractive effort on the driving axles is required. The rear axle of the bogie drive can be lifted and the drive disconnected, which means that any unnecessary friction of the driveline is eliminated, handling characteristics are improved and fuel consumption is reduced. SISU can offer specialised powertrain solutions for the heavy haulage truck, for example: Fuller gearbox with crawling gears or PowerShift 3 gearbox with Voith Turbo retarder clutch.