Here comes the new Super-Polar mining truck!

Here comes the new Super-Polar mining truck!


First heavy Sisu Polar 10×6 ordered by a global Austrian mining company was shipped to Germany the 6th of January, where a custom-built Pusher platform will be mounted. Delivery to the customer will take place in February, when the mining truck with a payload of 45 tonnes will begin its work. The truck is built on the proven reinforced SISU 460mm high frame a support frameless solution with the same basic components  as in the heavy-duty standard-Polar models. A three driving axle suspension system has been specially developed to carry the large total weight and to always distribute the load evenly on each axle giving the truck great towing capacity in extreme conditions.


The powerline is based on a 625 hp M-B engine, 16 speed Powershift 3 gearbox with TurboClutch and reinforced SISU axles.

This super-Polar series is an important part of SISU Polar line-up development program that covers the most demanding, truck-based products transportation solutions.