SISU Hybrid is designed to deliver maximum performance in daily tasks by added power and torque . What’s best, the SISU Hybrid offers all this and much more with lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

SISU Hybrid is a parallel hybrid system, meaning diesel and electric motors can operate separately or together. The electric motor gets its power from supercapacitors, so the additional power is automatically at disposal as soon as energy is charged to the capacitors. The system recognizes when additional electrical power is needed alongside the diesel engine and automatically deploys the electric motor. More power can also be manually deployed whenever necessary with the PowerTouch  lever switch located on the gear lever. Capacitors enable fast energy storage and discharge. The electric charge is deployable without delay.

Benefits of the SISU Hybrid system include:

  • Extreme pulling power from 0 speeds enables easy start-up
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lesser emissions
  • Easy reversing and rocking with PowerTouch switch