KOLLER hands over the first mobile workover rig to OMV Petrom

KOLLER hands over the first mobile workover rig to OMV Petrom

This workover unit is the result of many months of work. All departments from engineering over planning to manufacturing have given their best to meet the requirements of OMV Petrom S.A. located in Romania for this project. After extensive tests, including tests performed by independent 3rd parties the goal was achieved. We can proudly announce that RIG90 with serial number 1001 has left Celle and was handed over to the customer on 27 April in Ploiesti, Romania. Further tests will be carried out under field conditions before final commissioning beginning of June 2015.


SISU Workower RIG

Even at first glance, it is clear to see that something completely new has been developed . The workover rig was built on a heavy duty off-road chassis (SISU) with 10×10 drive formula and can therefore be used in rough terrain and under difficult environmental conditions. Nevertheless, the system is approved for normal road traffic. The self-propelled back-in rig is powered by one  540 HP Caterpillar power train, running all auxiliary installations such as double drum drawworks, auxiliary winch, make-up and break-out system, etc.  The rig has a maximum rated hook load of 90 tonnes (on 6 lines/ 65t on 4 lines). The mast comes with two monkey board positions on 16 and 21 meters (140 doubles in stands) whereby the free height is designed to work instead of the foldable working platform with a substructure and catwalk system (optional, floor height 5m).

Beside high performance, safety aspects play a particularly important role within OMV Petrom S.A.. The PLC-controlled system incorporates a high number of security features. In addition to the necessary explosion protection (ATEX with extended zone of 6m/7.5m), various mechanical and electrical monitoring systems were used. The Koller rig fully meets the regulations of the European machinery directive 2006/42/EC as well as API requirements.

The companies involved in this project, SISU in Finland, Upetrom 1. Mai from Romania and Koller Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH from Germany wish OMV Petrom every success operating their first of ten brand new “Rig 90”.

Photographs of the mobile workover rig are available HERE