New technology for special transports

New technology for special transports

Sisu Auto focuses on providing solutions for the toughest transport tasks. Again, this results in new technology as a precise answer to Customer requirement. Johs J. Syltern As from Norway has received a delivery of new SISU Polar Hauler heavy-duty tractor that is equipped with the new liftable and steerable 2nd axle, which is rated for 10 ton load. This new axle configuration allows higher gross weights, and more even load distribution between the axles. The maximum allowed axle weights of this truck are 10 t + 10 t + 16 t +16 t without speed reductions. The liftable 2nd axle together with the drive disconnect and lift feature of the 2nd bogie axle lessens the vehicles’ fuel consumption, and have also positive effect on trucks’ manoeuvrability in challenging Nordic conditions.

 In addition to the new 2nd axle, the SISU Polar Hauler tractor delivered to Johs J. Syltern As is furnished with readiness for an add-on 5th axle. Based on Customer requirement, in trucks’ cabin there is adjustment knobs for stepless tuning of the suspension pressures for both the 2nd, and for the 5th axles. Thanks to the stepless pressure adjustment, the truck always has an optimal weight distribution between the axles.

The Nordic mountainous terrain has been taken into account with a separate oil pump for the front differential gear.  Additionally, the truck is equipped with, for example, an extra slim adjustable 5th wheel rated for 36 ton, with a sanding gear, and with variable displacement hydraulics meant for use of platforms and tipper trailers. The Customer specific solutions and tailored accessories enable the versatility of the factory-ready truck.

Ten ton steerable and liftable axle

The new axle is with disc brakes and mechanically steered. The Sisu FSND10P axle model is equipped with completely new air suspension with four bellows, and with a pneumatic axle lift feature. The carrying capacity of the axle can be automatically adjusted, or controlled by the driver from the cabin. With a new suspension construction, the air suspension has up to 60mm more travel than usual. Support of the air suspension system maintain the spring levels in perpendicular position, thus the suspension travel does not need to be limited. Also, the axle can be equipped with an anti-roll bar.

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