Off-road capable Sisu Polar truck introduced

The Finnish truck manufacturer Sisu Auto has extended the Sisu Polar range to cover also improved off-road capability. Sisu is the answer for transport performance requirements in the most demanding duties. Single wheeled off-road capable Sisu Polar truck continues the legacy of taking the cargo further than the paved road exists.

The improved performance necessary on the rougher roads is based on 14R20 single wheels, as well as on robust Sisu Axles that are equipped with in-built pneumatic channels to allow the CTI system for smooth adjustments of the tyre pressures during the drive. Otherwise the truck utilises the same technology as the rest of the Sisu Polar range. Thereby, economy and serviceability of the off-road capable truck are not compromised.

The off-road capable Sisu Polar truck is available in 6×4 and 6×6 driveline configurations. For heavier loads, also 8×8 variant is supported.

Kamaz Master team was the first customer for the new off-road capable Sisu Polar truck. Sisu Polar shall serve as a support vehicle in the events that the Kamaz Master team participates, such as for example “Dakar” and “Silk Way” competitions.

– We are delighted to welcome Kamaz Master team among the users of our truck products. Selection of Sisu Polar for the support functions of the team is a proof of reliability and performance, the key elements to meet with challenges during the off-road race events, says Jyri Ahonen, Vice President of Oy Sisu Auto Ab.

In addition of being off-road capable, the truck is also very versatile and therefore suitable for numerous other applications and end uses.

– Equipped with a hook-lift unit the off-road capable Sisu Polar truck is able to deliver cargo, loaded on flat racks or containers, quickly to remote places where cargo terminals and sophisticated logistic support functions do not necessarily exist. Logistics Corps operations are one good example of such end use Jyri Ahonen continues. Also timber transport in varying seasonal conditions would still be possible with single wheeled truck, when the ordinary solution is not enough.

Photographs of the off-road capable Sisu Polar are available here

For more information, please contact: Jyri Ahonen, Vice President, Export, Oy Sisu Auto Ab, phone +358 10 2751, [email protected]