Today marks 91 years since the Finnish Trade- and Industrial ministry approved the founding of Oy Suomen Autoteollisuus in Helsinki on 1.4.1931.

During these 91-years, SISU vehicles have been manufactured in Helsinki, in Hämeenlinna, and in Karjaa. Starting in 1944, operations of the Helsinki plant were transferred to Karjaa. First, the production of car bodies and, soon after, trams were transferred to the Karjaa factory. The first products manufactured at the Karjaa factory were in fact bus bodies. The manufacture of trucks at the Karjaa factory began in 1950 and continues.

Since the beginning, Sisu Auto has had a role as a pioneer in the Finnish automotive industry. The total volume of SISU production, more than 50 thousand vehicles made so far, comprises a wide range of different vehicles: trucks, buses, trams, rail vehicles, military vehicles, rescue, and special vehicles, as well as a myriad of their various components from engines to axles.

The journey of the Finnish automotive industry, which began in 1931, continues, thanks to you our loyal customers. Thanks to all of you, we are 91 years old today.

Thank you!