SISU factory-ready vehicles gets a new member


Sisu Polar Hauler

The First SISU for heavy haulage was delivered on 23th of March. The truck is fitted with Eaton Fuller manual transmission and a 625 hp / 3000Nm 16l engine. Eaton Fuller RTLO-22918B transmission is equipped with 18+4 gears including crawler gears.

Gear ratio of the transmission is 14,4:1 and in reverse 15,06:1 also including two overdrive gears witch gear ratio are 0,86:1 and 0,73:1 making the overall ratio 19,7:1.

The chosen gear ratio is ideal for getting into motion and slow maneuvering still keeping the rpm in reasonable readings at cruising speed.  The benefit of 18 gears make the gap between gears extremely small and it´s easier to find the right ratio with even possibility to gear up while at steep rises pulling heavy loads.

Made for heavy haulage the SISU is a 8×4 truck with technically allowable axle loads 10 tn + 7,5 tn + 16 tn + 16 tn. Total weight of the heavy hauler is 49,5 tn. Because of the big axle loads the truck is fitted with durable 5-leaf parabolic springs, electrically powered Servotwin –steering and 16 tn drive shafts and cooled axle hubs.

Sisu Polar Hauler2


Fitted behind the cabin is a rack designed by SISU fitting 820 L fuel tank, 200L hydraulic tank, compressed air tanks and big tool boxes. Easy access to the sockets and toolboxes is made possible by a walking level with folding stairs the rack is bolted to the frame of the truck.

SISU heavy hauler is fully factory-ready truck fitted with lights for wide loads and hydraulics for tipping and tailboard. The truck can also be used in front of a semitrailer designed for tipping. Special equipment like double fitting of electrical sockets and compressed air outlets, both behind the rack and in the rear of the truck, strong power supply for the trailer, electrical guidance for the axles of the trailer and the support frame designed for the heavy hauler.