SISU Polar Hybrid deliveries commence

The future of heavy duty trucks is presented in form of the first SISU Polar Hybrid timber truck at Power Truck Show 2018, Härmä, Finland at Sisu Auto´s stand U117 during 10.-11.8.2018. Later on, SISU Hybrid trucks are also shown at FinnMetko 2018 exhibition during 30.8.-1.9.2018 in Jämsä, Finland.

Sales of SISU Polar Hybrid series has got a good start, and now the first SISU Hybrid trucks are already rolling out from the Sisu Auto’s production line. The time when the Customers can take the new technology to productive use, and benefit from the advantages of the Hybrid driveline, has come. ”Every tenth of the SISU Polar Rock and SISU Polar Timber series trucks sold earlier this year have been chosen with the new Hybrid driveline solution. Thereby, these new powerful trucks shall be a common sight all around Finland during this autumn” says Sisu Auto’s Business Director, Mr. Petri Kananen.

The first generation of SISU Hybrid driveline produces a total power of more than 600 kW in parallel with the diesel engine. Torque of more than 3000 Nm is available already from the idle speed of the diesel engine, and the maximum torque of 3600 Nm in range of 1000…1800 rpm respectively. This unprecedented torque range and maximum power supplied by the parallel hybrid system increase the usability of the truck. Storing and re-using the braking energy in accelerations and hill climbing improves significantly the fuel economy of the heavy vehicle, at the same time lowering the CO2 emissions.

SISU Polar Hybrid differs from the conventional trucks with Sisu PowerControl control panel and with separate PowerTouch switch, which has been ergonomically placed in connection with the gear selector. Energy storage, the super capacitors, are located behind the cab. The energy storage does neither limit the cargo space, nor does it come in conflict with other components, or accessories. The hybrid driveline system enables, for example, start-offs without loading the clutch, as well as quick joggling and retarding functions. The hybrid system includes also an advanced start function, which can be used to start the diesel engine by the electric motor whilst the energy stored in super capacitors is in use.

Sisu Auto’s substantial investment to the product development has created the high-quality SISU Polar truck series. Now, with the newly available Hybrid driveline solution, technology of SISU Polar series becomes a real standout. Patents, applied for during the development phase of the Hybrid driveline solution to protect the new technology inventions, also tell about the innovativeness of the Sisu Auto’s R&D team. ”Alternative power lines are the future of the transport industry. Sisu Auto has now made alternative power lines available already for both, SISU Polar series of trucks, as well as for SISU special vehicles”, says Sisu Auto’s Product Manager, Mr. Teemu Puustinen.

Oy Sisu Auto Ab welcomes everyone to the exhibitions as mentioned above to see the future of heavy duty trucks. At Sisu Auto’s stand also the world’s fastest timber transport entrepreneur, Mr. Jari Halinen, shall tell more about his experiences of the totally new feeling of Power and Torque.

 Photos of the SISU Polar Hybrid can be found HERE

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Sisu Polar – Business Director, Petri Kananen, Oy Sisu Auto Ab, tel. +358 50 468 1232
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