The Finnish truck manufacturer Sisu Auto together with German special equipment supplier for Agriculture and Industry, Fliegl Corporation, have together designed and manufactured a new product capable of bringing additional Mobility, Availability and Productivity for Mining Industry, the Super-Polar SISU mining truck with integrated Fliegl Push-off Platform.

The improved performance necessary in the challenging mine environment is based on the purpose-built and robust frame and suspension structure, as well as the task-specific Push-off Platform, which keeps the centre of gravity low during the transport and unloading, and allows the operation in low building environment, too. Otherwise the truck utilises the same technology basis as the rest of the Sisu Polar range. Thereby, economy and serviceability of the truck in question are optimal.

The Super-Polar SISU mining truck is available in various driveline configurations. The newly introduced unit is equipped with 10×6 driveline for the additional Mobility, with a powerful 625 hp engine by Daimler, and a turbo retarder clutch by Voith. Availability of the Super-Polar mining trucks comes from the fact that the chosen components are mass produced, and available through global supply chain, even though the truck itself is tailored especially for the heavy-duty operation, and for payloads exceeding the average.

The first customer for the new SISU Super-Polar truck is a leading global producer of industrial minerals, having worldwide presence in more than 50 countries. Partner for after sales services in this case is the local authorized Mercedes-Benz representative in Mittelkärnten, Moser Kfz Handels-GmbH.

– We are pleased to be back in the mining related transport business says Timo Korhonen, the Managing Director and Chairman of Sisu Auto. Earlier experiences dating back to 1980’s and 1990’s involving such legendary products as SISU SRH 450 Mammoth and SISU SRH 300 Bambino are a solid basis for which building of this modern and technically up-to-date product family is possible. Back then, as often has been the case in the history of Finnish SISU, we were ahead of our time. Now, the time is right to introduce again the productive method of transport, utilising the standard truck technology, to the harshest mining operations, Mr. Korhonen continues.

In addition to the mining end-use, the SISU Super-Polar truck is also very versatile and therefore suitable for other applications and end uses requiring that extra Productivity, too.

– Fliegl is welcoming the co-operation with Finnish SISU with great interest. Not only we see a bright future in mining related business, in which Fliegl Push-off platform is already a proven and preferred solution, but also in numerous other business areas in which Fliegl is also operating, such as Construction industry in general and especially road construction, just to name some examples, says Martin Fliegl, Head of Research and Development for the Construction Sector / Road Construction at Fliegl Corporation.


Further information:

Sisu Auto: Mr. Timo Korhonen ([email protected]) +358 (0) 10 2751

Fliegl: Mr. Martin Fliegl ([email protected]) +49 (0) 8631 307-0


Photos of the Super-Polar SISU mining truck with integrated Fliegl Push-off Platform can be downloaded here