Vuorsola Oy received a tougher SISU Hauler truck

Vuorsola Oy received a tougher SISU Hauler truck

The latest demonstration of Sisu Auto’s Customer-oriented vehicle design is the new extremely tough Hauler truck developed together with Mr. Mikko Vuorsola of Vuorsola company. The technical max weights of this new SISU Polar Hauler truck are really standout – GVW of 72 tons, and GCW of 300 tons respectively.

The new technical features of the truck include, for example, the axle weigh adjustment for the liftable 2nd front axle, the reinforced draw- and push points in rear and in front, as well as the additional cooler for the engine and for the fluid coupling. The additional cooling is necessary when operating with exceptionally heavy combination weights, in connection with low driving speeds. Hydraulics and electrics are in line with the requirements for the trailers used in special transports. SISU Polar Hauler comes with variable displacement hydraulics, which is used for special transport trailers’ suspension and steering, as well as operating the vehicles’ additional water pump and hydraulic fan.

The new Hauler supplements the selection of factory-ready SISU heavy tractors to cover also the toughest and the most demanding special transport tasks. “This is our first truck which can be taken straight to work. We at Vuorsola are especially pleased also about the top-class quality of this new product”, says Mr. Mikko Vuorsola.

Pictures of the truck can be found here

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